about the institute

To cultivate community action leadership within the California CSBG network, we are pleased to announce the CalCAPA Leadership Development Institute. The Institute is an exhilarating self-discovery process consisting of seven informative, and simultaneously interactive, training sessions that will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of organizational systems so that they become both a more informed observer of and a more effective participant in those systems. Created and facilitated by CalCAPA’s own dynamic leader John A. Heath, Institute participants will gain the tools, techniques and strategies that will enable them to fully realize their leadership potential and exponentially benefit the people they lead. The Institute’s seven session topics are:
1.    Who Are You and Who Are You Leading?
2.    Women Only! – Leading without Ceilings
3.    Who’s Got Next? – Succession Planning with a Purpose
4.    When Helping Staff is Hurting You
5.    Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone
6.    Building a Championship Team – Sometimes with Spare Parts!
7.    Can You Hear Me Now? – The Art of Leadership Communication
The 3-month program is scheduled to kick-off with an in-person session to be held at CalCAPA’s 2016 Annual Conference, May 11-13, 2016 with the following six sessions to take place via group conference call meetings, every other week through the end of July 2016.