2016 CalCAPA Poverty Summit

2016 CalCAPA Poverty Summit

SACRAMENTO, CA –April 4, 2016 --- California Community Action Partnership Association (CalCAPA) in cooperation with The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, presented the 2016 Poverty Summit on March 29th, 2016. Held at the prestigious Stanford University campus which was recently ranked in the top 3 by Forbes’ 2016 Annual Ranking of America’s Top Colleges, the event took place within the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research building, one of the nations premiere University-based economic think tanks.

The Summit featured prominent panelists who presented comprehensive looks at defining poverty today, identifying key factors that keep poverty levels high, and explored strategies to address inequities in financial security with more than 150 in attendance representing a wide array of agencies across California.

“There is a growing awareness of inequality in our society. We saw a whole new group of people fall below the poverty line as a result of the recession. The goal of this Summit is to demonstrate that government and resources can make a difference in creating an environment in which people can recover and thrive”, said Executive Director of California Community Action Partnership, John Heath.

Delivered by Community Action professionals, leading academics, agency heads, financial industry leaders, and elected officials in five panels, the Summit focused on the faces of poverty, how and when the civil rights movement disconnected in the War on Poverty, immigration, and innovative strategies. Linnè Stout, Director of the California Department of Community Services and Development stated “I believe the key to our collective success is through effective partnering and I hope that today provides us the opportunity for all of us to think about how we can effectively partner to bring about real change that will result in the reduction in the number of Californians living in poverty. It will take all of us working collaboratively whether we work at the national, state, or local level and regardless of whether we are nonprofit, government, or private partners.”

About CalCAPA
The California Community Action Partnership Association (CalCAPA) empowers members through capacity building, representation and outreach. Founded in 1976, CalCAPA serves member Community Action Agencies (CAAs) and other Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funded organizations that deliver human services to economically disadvantaged families and children across California.

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